New Perspectives

We ask ourselves the question every day: what do people need to live a good life.

It’s perspectives, letting people look ahead, giving them balance and overcoming barriers.

One doesn’t simply decide to start a new life tomorrow.
This needs support and orientation.

We support people in education, employment and vocational integration

The BBRZ GROUP was formed from the Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich, founded in 1960, and the Berufliche Bildungs- und Rehabilitationszentrum Linz, founded in 1975.

In this time, the BBRZ GROUP has developed its range of offers both in quality and quantity, to the point where the company group now counts among Austria’s most important service providers in the areas of education, vocation and labour market.

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Our mission

Although these organisations are active in different markets and with different target groups, they still share the same general mission to promote education, employment and vocational integration.

The BBRZ GROUP’s range of offers is geared toward the current and envisionable near-future requirements of the economy and the labour market.


Effective quality management

Highly qualified staff, effective quality management, the permanent contact and close cooperation with decision makers and companies, all make the BBRZ GROUP a reliable partner for private and public enterprises.
At the same time, this provides the company group with a basis for its professional and up-to-date range of educational programmes.